64. Appointment of Guardians to Special Categories of Disabled Persons under National Trust Act, 1999


Gist of the Scheme

Nomination of parents:
The persons affected with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, mental retardation and multiple disability who have crossed 18 years of age who are not in a position to take any decision, needs Guardians.  Hence under National Trust Act 1999 a Guardian can be appointed to look after their welfare, after the demise of their  parents.


Eligibility criteria

Should be affected with any one of the disability of     Autism,
Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple disabilities.


Whether form of application is
prescribed and particulars to be furnished

Yes. Available.  Should apply in Form-A available with Local
level Committee under the Chairmanship of District Collector with the following particulars:-
1.   Details of the Differently Abled person (Name, Age, Nature of disability, Address)
2.   Details of the Guardian (Name, Age, Relationship, Address)
3.   Guardianship for (a) for individual or
(b) Individual and property


Certificate to be furnished

Should  affix  signature  of  2  witnesses  in  the     Disability
Certificate form. Acceptance from the Guardian to be nominated and willingness from the parents or natural guardian of the Differently Abled.


Officer to whom the application is to be submitted

District  Collector  and  Local  Level  Committee,  Chairman
(National Trust Act) or Office of     District Differently Abled
Welfare Officer




Grievance if any to be addressed to


Chairman, National Trust, New Delhi.