List of Schemes

Booklet on Mobile Therapy Unit for the Differently Abled

(i) Identification

1. National Identity Card for the differently abled persons

(ii) Early Intervention

2. Early Intervention Centre for infants  and young children with hearing impairment in 32 districts
3.Early Intervention Centre for the mentally retarded children:
4. Early Intervention Centre for visually impaired

(iii) Special Education

5.  Special Education
5 (a).  Pre school for young hearing impaired children
6 (a) Scholarship
6 (b) Scholarship
7. Readers allowance to visually differently abled persons
8. Scribe assistance
9. Distribution of Pre-recorded Cassettes and Tape recorders  changed as CD players with text CD’s to visually impaired persons
10. Starting of Degree courses for the hearing impaired students
11. Assistance to Law graduates
12. Cash prize and assistance to pursue  higher education for the visually impaired students
13. Cash prize and assistance to pursue higher education for the hearing  impaired students
14. Government Institute for the Mentally challenged, Chennai
15. Supply of Braille books
16. Distribution of Lap top computers to +2 differently abled students studying in Government and Government aided schools
17. Honorarium to Teachers
18. Financial assistances to Non Governmental Organisations

(iv) Training and Employment

19.   Secondary Grade Teachers Training Institute for the Orthopaedically differently abled persons (Diploma in Teacher Education)
20. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology training
21. Cell phone Service and Maintenance Training Course
22. Computer Training Course
23. Multimedia  Training
24. Training to the visually differently abled persons (male)
25. Training to the speech and hearing impaired (male)
26. Vocational training centre with hostel facilitiy
27. Unemployment allowance to the differently abled persons
28. Self employment
29. Motorised Sewing machines
30.  Loan assistance from National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC)
31. Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme

(v) 3% Reservation in educational institutions and in employment

32.  3% reservation of seats in Educational Iinstitutions
33. Reservation of teaching posts in educational institutions for visually impaired
34. Reservation of jobs in Government Departments / Government Undertakings
35. Reservation of Non Teaching posts in educational institutions for speech and hearing impaired persons

(vi) Assistive devices for differently abled persons

36. Tricycles
37. Wheel chairs
38. Hearing aids and Solar  rechargeable batteries
39. Goggles and folding sticks
40. Braille watches
41. Calipers and crutches
42. Artificial limbs
43.Retrofitted petrol scooters
44. Modular functional artificial limbs
45. ‘Behind the ear’ hearing aids
46. Magnifiers
47. Reflecting folding sticks

(vii) Maintenance allowance

48. Maintenance allowance to mentally retarded persons
49. Maintenance allowance to differently abled persons (severely affected)
50.Maintenance allowance for persons affected with muscular dystrophy
51. Maintenance allowance for leprosy affected persons

(viii) Marriage assistance

52. Marriage assistance to normal persons marrying visually impaired persons
53. Marriage assistance to normal persons marrying orthopaedically differently abled persons
54. Marriage assistance to normal persons marrying speech and hearing impaired persons
55. Marriage assistance to differently abled persons marrying differently abled persons

(ix) Other schemes

56. Homes for the mentally retarded above the age of 14 years
57. Government rehabilitation homes
58. Government care camp, Melpakkam
59. Day care centre for persons affected by muscular dystrophy
60. Rescue scheme for persons with mental illness
61 Home for the mentally ill
62.Travel concession to the differently abled persons in state owned transport corporation buses
63. Registration of complaints under persons with disabilities act, 1995
64. Appointment of guardians to special categories of differently abled persons under national trust act, 1999

 (x) Social Security Schemes

65. Social security schemes – Tamil Nadu Welfare Board for the differently abled persons

(a) Personal accident relief for differently abled persons
(b) Financial assistance to meet the funeral expenses of  a differently abled person:
(c) Financial assistance on the natural death of a differently abled person:
(d) Scholarship to son and daughter of differently abled persons
(e) Assistance  for  marriage
(f) Assistance for delivery /  miscarriage of pregnancy / termination of pregnancy to a female differently abled person
(g) Assistance for purchase of spectacles by a differently abled person

NEW  SCHEMES (2013-2014)


Establishment of Early Diagnostic Centres for Hearing Impaired in 10 Districts.


Installation of Solar power plants in Government Special Schools


Establishment of Disability Museum in Chennai


Establishment of Model Centre for  Persons affected by Muscular Dystrophy  at Chennai


Providing Power Laundries  in Hostels of Government Special Schools


Provision of Nutritious Weaning Food and Noon Meal to the Differently Abled Children at Early Intervention Centres.


Increasing the number of Trainees for Multi media and Digital Photography Training Programmes.


Unemployed Youth Employment Generation Programme -    5% investor contribution on the part of Differently  Abled to be borne by the Government


Enhancing subsidy under micro and small scale self- employment scheme up to  Rs. 10,000/- to the Differently  Abled persons.


Enhancement of Scholarship Amount


Enhancement of Readers Allowance Amount


1000 Retrofitted Petrol Scooters to Differently Abled Persons


Establishment of Mobile Intervention  Units with equipment and skilled professionals to provide services to Differently Abled at  their doorstep in all the Districts.